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Belt Conveyor price
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The stainless steel belt conveyor can be used independently or multi-conveyors together or combined with other transfer equipments. The stainless steel belt conveyor also can be installed horizontally or slope to meet the needs of different transfer lines. The belt conveyor shows considerable improvement whether in the aspects of material, process structure and manufacturing accuracy, or in the aspects of conveying capacity and reliability etc.
Outline drawing:
Working principle:
The stainless steel belt conveyor is mainly composed of an oil-immersed electric drum, a sub-roller, a frame, a conveyor belt, an upper supporting roller, a lower supporting roller, a deflection roller, a clamping device, a discharging plate and the like.

The stainless steel belt conveyor design with slider bed construction, excellent for use in wash down or harsh environmental applications. which is excellent for conveying non-food type .

Product advantages:
1.easy to clean,
2.smooth handling of products, for operators,
4.robust design,
5.long life,
6.easy to maintain with a low cost of ownership.Belt Conveyor price

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